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The World is still spinning, and we are celebrating the day after the world destruction in Second Life and Cloud Party with a l live music event. Second Life Location: SOUND: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Berlin%20newBERLIN%203/11/233/31 ...
    We are celebrating the Nobel Peace Price for the european Union in Second Life! As a warm-up party we want to connect and share links and landmarks with all other Second Life communites of ...
Is Cloud Party the new Facebook in 3D killer app? At least the new Facebook application Cloud Party is taking Social Media to the next level by creating a new HTML5, Javascript and WebGL 3D browser technology. ...
It is always nice to explore 3D worlds and if you are not already an open minded and traveling 3D online Avatar you should seriously check out Club Cooee and their latest hit “DjParty”. You can become ...
Virtual Berlin congrats the Piratenpartei Berlin (Pirate Party) to make it into the Berlin 2011. About 9%is an awsome Win for the Berlin Piratenpartei. There is a real Wahlparty at Ritter Butze in ...
... be found here: http://www.berlinin3d.com/de/1-mai-2010-berlin-demonstrationen-und-krawalle-in-second-life . html On May 1st in Berlin is burning the air ... and in virtual Berlin? http://www.berlinin3d.com/de/alle-jahre-wieder-die-legendare-1-mai-party-in-newberlin.html ...
  Virtual Berlin is going nuts on Blacklight! This time you can get into your neon leggins and explore the amazing blacklight decoration and art installation by Tom Lowe. Besides nice smoothy electronical ...
...  DJ and Dance party! Music will be streamed by: DJane Joshua Philgarlic and DJ Step5 Iceberg! EVERYBODY is invited even if you missed the real event! More infos to RezzDays 2010 and all following ...
...  http://www.berlinin3d.com/de/alle-jahre-wieder-die- legend-re-1.-mai-party-in-newberlin.html and a real left: http://www.xhain.info/termine/erstermai.htm und der cross post: http://germanyin3d.com/2010/05/01/virtuelle- ...
10. Pricacy Policy
... any warranties or representations relating to maintenance or nondisclosure of private information.   THIRD PARTY INFORMATION You agree that you have provided notice to, and obtained consent ...
11. Transmediale Event in Berlin and newBERLIN
(News/Ankuendigungen - english)
... 'atomspace' party at C-BASE club, Berlin (Germany) and a simultanious cyberspace party at club ZENIT in the spaceship antenna ('Fernsehturm' TV tower) above New Berlin (Second Life). Also ...
12. First anniversary of newBERLIN in Second Life®
(News/Ankuendigungen - english)
... legendary revolutional 1. Mai party. And on Saturday, May 3rd a "city rallye" will take place, that will lead you both through the virtual and the real city of Berlin. Material prizes worth ...
13. Every Wednesday: gay table at the Besenkammer
(News/Ankuendigungen - english)
The Besenkammer, a Berlin legend! Long after everything around has closed, there is still a party going on in this hidden bar at the Berlin Alexanderplatz. Naturally, this really comfortable 24-hour-bar ...
14. SL™ employment agency opens in newBERLIN
(News/Ankuendigungen - english)
... and soon will be fully installed!  And then, as usual in newBERLIN, there will be a big opening party! Its founder, RazorT Ratide, is strongly connected to newBERLIN: Her built the tv tower of the ...
15. Twin city Frankfurt is celebrating anniversary
(News/Ankuendigungen - english)
... party and Frankfurt took part in the festival of cultures in newBERLIN. Now the "Frankforder" asked us to join their happening from April 1st to 6th and we installed a cosy newBERLIN corner. ...
... Life is the german 3d city modell where you can get a free 3D chat Avatar to experience the capital of Germany. Meet, talk, chat, party or flirt with new friends from the whole World just next to the Alexanderplatz, ...
17. Happy Birthday Zap Hax
(News/Ankuendigungen - english)
Everyone who knows newBERLIN also knows Zap Hax! This city wouldn't be the same without him! He was there right from the start and made the first grafitti on the tv tower, when it still was under ...
(News/Ankuendigungen - english)
...   'Third Opening Party DO NOT FEED in newBERLIN"  VERNISSAGE PARTY SA: January 26th 11.00 pm to 02.00 am (CET) –start OOC Info – ‘Meta.Live.NU presents DFM RTV INT’ ...
19. AFTERWORK PARTY at the Sky Lounge
(News/Ankuendigungen - english)
End of work and all by yourself? You don't have to! Just come along to our AFTERWORK PARTY at the  SKY LOUNGE!! Starting from 10 pm every thursday we rock the house at the newBERLIN tv tower ...
20. newBERLIN congratulates SLinside
(News/Ankuendigungen - english)
... in 15 different party locations throughout Second Life®. Visitors can hop from party to party via shuttle service, reporters from SLinside and radio station slr2 will report in detail about the event. ...
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