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Virtual City newBERLIN
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World premiere at ALEXA - the first real shopping mall in SL

Berlin, Nov. 19, 2007 - The internet's first walkable three-dimensional shopping mall ALEXA at Berlin's Alexanderplatz will be opened with a virtual fashion show tonight.

For the first time in the world this virtual mall is equipped with shops that are also located in the real ALEXA. Thus virtual customers can for example visit the shops of NICI, Eyecatcher, Fast Forward, X-IT, mobilcom, Bodycheck, Lzwo, Doorbreaker or Subway. Besides informations about the latest range of goods it is possible to regard products in 3D or even to take away as a virtual object for free. Diverse shopping and recreational offerings are provided for avatars, the virtual representatives of real persons in Second Life®. The virtual ALEXA offers users to explore the location, to inform themselves about opening hours or to visit virtual events. The operator of the the shopping and recreation center, Sonae Sierra, wants to increase the location's awareness and to fully utilize the possibilities of the communication tool in order to offer global visitors an additional overvalue.

The virtual replica of ALEXA was realized by YOUin3D.com agency, also responsible for the reproduction of Berlin as newBERLIN in Second Life®.

ALEXA in Berlin - Shopping on world city standard

The opening of the shopping and recreation center ALEXA on Alexanderplatz in mid September gave Berlin one more attraction. Now one does not need to travel to one of the world's fashion metropolis for an extensive shopping trip anymore because 178 shops - more than in every other shopping center in the capital city - offer to each their own. Especially the combination of shopping and recreation experience makes ALEXA a destination for familiy outings. Children can give their creativity free scope in Germany's first Kindercity, moms may inform themselves about trends of the upcoming season in various fashion shops and dads experience Berlin as a miniature world at LOXX. 17 restaurants at the food court invite you to a culinary journey around the world. ALEXA is reachable by BVG, city train, regional train or car. Opening hours mondays to saturdays from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. and sundays Kindercity, LOXX and Food Court from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. respectively to 8 p.m.

The virtual Berlin in Second Life®

newBERLIN is the true to scale replica of Berlin on the internet platform Second Life®.
Second Life® is understood as a "construction kit" and medium for the presentation of the future 3D internet: an interactive Web2.0 platform with user created contents. In the virtual world of Second Life® communication, information and entertainment do not occur seperately any more but as a unit which represents the logical progression of the conventional internet. The concept of the virtual city newBERLIN offers the mirroring of locations of real companies and institutions and cultural facilities in the virtual world. Like in real life user can amble or even fly through the streets and by this means playfully explore the virtual replica of Berlin.
An authentic metropolitan experince for visitors of the virtual city is not only reached by detailed reproduction of Berlin's architecture but also by various entertainment offerings, parties, concerts, exhibitions or promotions. Especially events taking place at the same location in the real capital are organized and implemented.

The virtual city experiences an enormous inflow of the Second Life® community. newBERLIN as one out of two locations can directly be found and reached on the german Second Life®  homepage. Furthermore one can reach newBERLIN through www.BERLINin3D.com and learn everything about urban goings-on. Newcomers starting their Second Life® in newBERLIN will be greeted at the German Newbie Center, a training facility for Second Life® in German language. newBERLIN develops a new dimension of virtuality. The lively, interactive and useable location coalesces the borders between virtuality and reality. Further informations are available on www.BERLINin3D.com .

About Sonae Sierra

Sonae Sierra (www.sonaesierra.com) is the international specialist for shopping malls. With passion we bring innovation and excitement to the world of shopping and recreation. The company is owner and co-owner of 47 shopping malls as well as one retail park in Portugal, Spain, Germany, Greece, Rumania and Brazil with a gross rental space in excess of 400.000 m²". In 2006 the company's shopping malls recorded more than 402 millions visitors.

About YOUin3D.com - Meta Communication & Architecture

YOUin3D.com is a full service agency for 3D visualisations and communicative services. YOUin3D.com provides concepts and ideas with shape and message. In the field "architecture" we realise 3D visualisations and animations in the areas construction/architecture, product design, process engineering and film production. Our services in the field of "communication" create interfaces between reality and virtuality.

With our services we by now especially focus on the virtual world Second Life®, a high in quality alternative to classic 3D programs that is very cost-efficient. Besides that Second Life® offers further advantages: contents are worldwide accessible through the internet. Products can be planned and represented, buildings and institutions are walkable. Besides integrated communication tools like chat and VoIP the platform holds numerous possibilities to communicate advertising content. 

Further informations on YOUin3D.com:
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Further informations on ALEXA:

Press agency ALEXA
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