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How to learn scrum, and the basics for agile time management

Hey Jan! How are you and guys doing? 
So, I told my friens about Scrum and some of them want me to teach how to do Scrum. Maybe you can suggest me some simulation game or the best way how to tell and teach about Scrum?


  • HY there!
    great to hear from you!
    i wanted to answer scrum questions and post materials here anyway...
    best thing to start learning scrum is ALWAYS a real scrum board.

    it is must, and you need to get scrum materials first:
    Try to avoid any virtual scrum tool as long as possible (at least for 6 month!).
    Force everybody to meet up for daily scrum, and force them to write stories for everything at the beginning.


  • Hey, thank you for the advice. I have almost 14 people on my team - is it possible to divide them into smaller groups (example 7 and 7)? :)
  • YES! It is a must

    As long as you have not exactly 7 people in a team, there is an automatic impediment that says: Your Team is too small or too big.

    Scrum showed us that the perfect team size is a team of 7 persons. When you have 6 or 8 instead you will loose about 10-20 % velocity automatically.
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